Home to an Artisan


Woolly Cushion Studio offers hand felted functional items for the home using predominantly British wool. My work is inspired by nature which evolves from observational drawing.

"I am truly passionate about embracing our wonderful British sheep breeds, who for centuries have grazed the hills and low lands across the U.K. providing a rich tapestry of natural colours and wool textures of the highest quality. Using this wool gives my work character with a sense of locality and national identity."

There is a simplicity in using wool which allows me to draw spontaneously and work areas of detail. I embrace design with function and each piece is unique and created from my studio.

With a degree in printed textile design I worked in the textile industry as a colour technician for fashion companies and I learnt a broad range of skills with Zandra Rhodes and English Eccentrics in London.

"Enjoy these artisan pieces as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you to enhance your personal living space and well being."

Janine Corn designer-maker at Woolly Cushion Studio.